Trump is boasting record low unemployment, a booming economy, an ecstatic Wall Street and no small measure of “I told you so”.

tough to beat

Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump just keeps getting it right. It delights his supporters as much as it deeply annoys his critics.

After the recent hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, everyone hated Trump for criticizing Puerto Rican government officials as corrupt. The press went crazy, the Twitter-verse exploded predictably.

A few months later, those same officials criticized by Trump were driven from office, some arrested and charged.

You have to give it to Donald Trump, he is the Mitt Romney of the Republican Party.

When Romney listed “Russia” as one of the most dangerous geopolitical threats to the U.S., U.S. President Barack Obama openly mocked him, saying famously that the 80’s were calling, wanting their foreign policy back.

Barack Obama might have been many things, but he was not right about Russia.

Nor was Obama right when he claimed someone would need a magic wand to renegotiate trade deals and get the yearly GDP growth up over 3%. That is, unless Donald Trump has a magic wand. If he does, he has a crystal ball, too.

When Trump took California fire management and policies to task for causing the wildfire that devastated California, the media went berserk.

Quietly, months later, the truth comes out: Well meaning, but misguided, conservation efforts that failed to allow clearing of underbrush and certain areas were responsible for how difficult the blaze was to contain and how much damage it did.

In efforts to prove Trump wrong, when investigative journalists start digging, what do they find?

During the Trump campaign, there was a $1,000,000 bounty on anyone who could produce an authentic Trump sex tape. Someone with Russian prostitutes and golden showers, one presumes, would be paid extra.

Instead, Democrat after Democrat have fallen into the pits that journalists and the media have been trying, and failing, to dig for Trump.

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein.

When President Trump announced he would be ending the war in Afghanistan, the media responded predictably in the Trump age. That is to say, completely differently than they would have under any normal circumstance.

When the Trump administration lost General Mattis, liberals in the press were up and arms…over someone they once dubbed Mad Dog.

Lo and behold, mere months later, the Afghanistan Papers are released to not-nearly enough shock and anger that a succession of Presidential administration boldly and bald-facedly lied about U.S. efforts in Afghanistan.

The U.S. should have left 10 years ago, if it ever belonged in Afghanistan at all. Trump, of course, gets no credit for this. Other than what he gives himself, to his supporters, over social media.

Democrats, sensing perhaps danger coming in 2020, want to put a stop to this.

Trump hosted a group of online media personalities, journalists and other media types who claim their conservative or Trump-supporting views are being censored by powerful tech companies and media elites who think they are helping Democrats get elected.

That they couldn’t be more wrong- as proven by Trump’s upward trajectory in the polls and sweeping layoffs and downsizing across the board of left-leaning media agencies- is hardly anything that troubles Donald Trump.

The media industry had a terrible year last year; Donald Trump’s year, in spite of a concerted effort from the left-leaning press, was pretty good.

If Democrats keep it up, the Trump team will need to do very little to net him the reelection in 2020.

That Democrats are fine with tech companies tamping down conservative content and censoring political views with which they don’t agree, is perhaps the most troubling of all. Democrats are, in fact, pressuring Facebook to do more to censor “false or misleading” political ads. Conservatives know this means “content liberals do not agree with and so find intolerable.”

This is the very definition of shooting the messenger and it will not be enough to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)