Hello Respected ladies & Gentleman

I always have a dream to do something for my birth land and to do such thing to make my birthplace the most successful nation in the world.

The Nation where each and every child is educated are the most successful nations in the world

Keeping this vision, I started this Mission to Open the American International School System in Pakistan

When I announced this project in USA, I have received so many offers from different countries to open such a school their, specially from our neighbor country, who offered me $1 piece of land to open school but I refused to do that and bought 2 Million dollar worth of land from my own, just to put my motherland on top of the world.

In my perspective, the only way to change the world is through education, education & education.

This institution is the gift from American Children to Pakistani Children, it’s not any body’s individual school, it’s our school, it’s the school of our children & it’s the school of this great nation of Pakistan.

Today also is the night that we are celebrating the national heroes of 2009. I am very honored to congratulate these heroes for their great commitments to this nation on behalf of American International School System.

We have among us the greatest hero of this time, whose heroic act didn’t just save so many human lives but also the image of this nation. He proved to the world that each and every Pakistanis are ready to fight the terrorism, even if we have to put our own life in danger. Salute to this hero, yes! I am talking about this Bus Driver who saved lives of our guest cricket team from Sri Lanka Mr.Meer.

We also have a successful doctor who left her successful and fruitful career from USA and came back to her birthday in order to serve her nation. She left everything behind just to be part of the success of this great nation. Thanks Dr. Amna Butter for your commitment to this nation and patriotism.

The Media always play a great role for the nation success and among us we have a fine young & true journalist a real hero, who unfolds the stories of human crises. His effort improved the health and education in Pakistan. His visionary mission for the betterment of health and education in Pakistan makes him the true fighter of the nation. He proved that still the power of pen is more than the gun. Thanks you Mr. MoM Ahmed for your great work.

Talking about young generation, we also have a great young leader among us, Mr. Hamza Shebaz. He is the voice of the youngster, the Future hope of educated Pakistan.

I Salute all of you, I hope everybody in the nation should follow your foot steps to make this nation the most successful in the world.

Thank you very much for your time. Let’s make this School the Best place for our Kids. American International School System

Tauseef Muhammad