Thank you for this nice introduction, Dr. Affour. Your Excellency Ch. Pervez Elahi Chief Minister of Punjab, diplomats, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you all to the inaugural ceremony of this unique institution in Pakistan.

Mr. Pervez Elahi you are a man of vision. I believe your initiatives will lead this country to have the best educational environment, economic development and further opportunities for foreign investment. My family, my community and my friends salute your efforts.

Of course this building would not be standing here without the great support of Punjab Government and the Chief Minister of Punjab, who encouraged us to build this campus in this beautiful part of the City, Hurbunspura.

I would like to thank Malik Muhammad Bakhsh EDOR and his colleagues, Members of the Board of Revenue, DCO and the SSP (operations) for assisting me in getting this piece of land on payment of market price. I will be failing in my duty if I don’t mention Mr. G. M. Sikander who helped me selflessly.

As you stand here today and look at this beautiful campus, on which the construction started nine months ago, I would like to remind you that all of this would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of our young staff. I appreciate all of their hard work. I especially would like to thank our V.P. Operations Ali Naqvi and his staff: Saleem Kiyani, Lisa Rizvi and Farah Batool. I also thank the Town Nazim for his support.

I admire the efforts of the staff of SIMA Development Corporation in the USA to build a state of the art campus in the heart of Punjab.

I appreciate the efforts and hard work of the faculty of this school. I ask you to applaud all of the people who made this project possible. (Claps) Thank you for what you do for this institution, which will make a difference in Pakistan.

My Special thanks go to Dr. Bonnell, Director of the school, Dr. Affour, Lead Teacher, and all the teachers who are from the USA and Pakistan.

Lastly, I would like to thank the parents of our students who have confidence in us and have given us the opportunity to prepare future leaders from this institution.

My dear friends it may only be a beautiful building to you. But for me, this is a new beginning between our two great nations. The children of our two nations will develop friendships that start from the age of 3 but will last for a lifetime. This is the foundation upon which this school is built: to create better understanding and mutual respect.

As an example, we have a 3-year old American child who left his grandparents, his brothers, and his home to study alongside the children of this great nation. Mark would you stand up please.

And we have a Pakistani- American mother who brought her son all the way from Virginia to Lahore to be a part of this institution. Afsheen please stand up.

These are our young Ambassadors to Pakistan. And that is the beginning Mr. Chief Minister under your leadership.

I am pleased to inform you that in 2008 and 2009 we intend to open four more branches of AISS. Our next school will be in JORDON, and will provide education to Palestinian children. We wilt also open schools in Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Mr. Chief Minister you can claim credit for this initiative.

However, the campus here in Pakistan will be our flagship and it will serve as an example for all other campuses. In this way, we will bring this educational vision to these nations.

I thank my wife, my children and especially my love for Pakistan, which will always encourage me to do more for this nation.

This institution belongs to everyone; the children, the parents, the staff, and the people of Pakistan.

Thank you all for joining me here and God-bless you and God-bless our two great nations.