t-shirt reading mainstream media lies
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Proof has been right in front of us the whole time.

The mainstream corporate media establishment is badly broken.

Most Americans know it.

As giant cracks in media credibility have widened to catastrophic proportions, trust in traditional media outlets has plummeted accordingly. Once-proud scions of the news industry like CNN are dying.

Something is wrong.

Anyone who isn't directly benefiting from the corruption can easily see it. Even those who are benefiting often know, and even occasionally express, if only behind-the-scenes, their reservations.

It isn't just the vast number of major "news"stories that have later proven an embarrassment to the journalistic establishment in recent years. From Russiagate to quashing the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, the constant mainstream media face-plants have been hard to miss.

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It isn't even the one-directional nature of these constant "errors" in reporting, which only ever seem to benefit Democrats.

Those are merely symptoms. The underlying causes still elude us. One of the biggest problems with the mainstream media is a deeper pattern that is only just beginning to come into focus.

When one major media outlet gets a story wrong, they all get it wrong. And wrong in the exact same way.

We understand why —  or think we do: Anti-conservative bias.

But the real question is How?

How does this keep happening? How are all of these major media outlets making the same exact "mistake" —  over and over, and all at the same time? It defies the law of averages.

Shouldn't one major news network or other be occasionally  —  if only accidentally  — stumbling upon the fact that the other networks are being bamboozled by shoddy sources, false leak campaigns, or undercover operatives of Project Veritas sharking D.C. happy hours?

If serious investigative reporting was being done by major media outlets — The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, et al.  —  wouldn't some of those venerated news organizations naturally, over the course of normal, good-faith efforts to verify a newsworthy story, arrive at different conclusions? At least sometimes?

All the major media outlets arriving at the same correct conclusion would be easy to understand, of course. Follow the facts to reach the truth: Simple.

Imagine you've hired five private detective agencies to investigate the same crime. They might all five come back with the same answer  —  if that answer was the truth. It wouldn't even be all that suspicious for all five to come back with different answers; interesting, but not suspicious.

But if all five detective agencies reported back with the same lie, well then.

That would be very suspicious indeed.

Getting multiple, seemingly independent groups of people to verify the same incorrect conclusion is very difficult, if not impossible, without careful collusion and a coordinated effort.

It's why the peer-review process is so integral in science. Results that can't be independently verified and reproduced are no results at all.

It follows the same basic principles of lying and telling the truth in any other situation: Telling the truth is usually much easier than lying.

Getting a huge group of individuals to tell the truth about an event is easy: Cops and investigators have to do it all the time.

They interview and re-interview eyewitnesses in an attempt to explain, sometimes to the satisfaction of a jury beyond a reasonable doubt, how events unfolded, what happened, who was there, what they did, etc.

Eyewitness accounts often differ in details, but the essential facts stand out like beacons of truth.

Getting a huge group of individuals to lie about something  —  and to tell the same lie  — would be very difficult without a great deal of coordination, manipulation and orchestration behind the scenes.

Who is doing all this manipulation and coordination?

That all the major media networks so often arrive at the same conclusion  —  which is later determined to be false  —  is deeply suspicious.

And suspiciously overlooked.

A group of journalists and researchers telling the same story is easy to understand  —  if they are telling the truth. A group caught repeating the exact same lie has some explaining to do.

Any group caught coordinating in the same lie on multiple occasions deserves careful scrutiny.