The wheels are coming off at CNN and the whole media industrial complex may be next.

alain pham wmdkykpmydi unsplash
Photo by Alain Pham on Unsplash.

Act 1: The internet was born.

The internet changed how people stayed informed about current events. It also altered the way networks got paid to deliver the news. The old business model started failing. Media outlets needed new ways to monetize content in a market suddenly saturated by content for the first time.

Act 2: Enter Frankenstein’s new monster- Ad-click journalism.

Outlets not willing to use a paywall still had to find a way to make money and they found one: Selling ad space.

Act 3: Enter Donald Trump.

Trump seemed designed to generate click-bait, he was perhaps even engineered to do so by the very brass at CNN responsible for pushing Trump’s Republican Party primary nomination in the first place.

The Final Act: The Death of CNN et al.

In the final act, fewer people trust the corporate mainstream media than ever before. The new model has resulted in too many major mistakes, too many salacious wild goose chases. High-profile retractions as to have become only too frequent, and often go unpunished.