I welcome you all this evening, joining me to celebrate ground breaking ceremony dinner of first branch of American International School System in the historical city, Lahore.

Lahore is my birth place and it’s my honor to participate in the ground breaking dinner ceremony of the School this afternoon. This is a direct foreign investment.

I am grateful for the tremendous support from the Chief Minister of Punjab Ch. Pervaiz Elahi and his passion for providing better educational opportunities and no child left behind.

His support in this project clearly shows that his vision is to promote education and welcome foreign investment.

My friend this is only beginning of educational investment from the US private sector in Pakistan.

I was also invited by Indian Prime Minster and his Minister of Education to establish similar school system in New Delhi and they offered allotment of land for the School against one dollar. Although this has cost me millions but I have selected Pakistan to open first branch in South Asia due to great policies of the President of Pakistan.

The road was very bumpy but journey is great because this is the future of children of our two nations to share the knowledge and ideas.

We plan to give 20 scholarships to the deserving children of the government employees and others.

The students will have opportunity to share experience with their age group in American Schools. Which will create a better understanding among the people of two countries.

I am sorry our Senior Director Miss Ansar and president John Allison will not be able to join us this evening but they are sending there best regards along with the board of directors of American School System.

My special thanks for G.M. Skindar Sb; without his help this project would have not been possible. My sincere thanks to Mr. Tar.,.Liqifsivaf,..1 Mr. Muhammaciljaz, Mr. Muhammad Buksh, Mr. Mushtaq Anjum, Mr. Mudassar, Rana Shaukat Ali , Mr. Khusi Nazir and all their staff who have worked so hard to take this start for the great institution.

Also my special thanks to Mr. Amir Zulfiqar and his staff.

My friends I will always remember all of you who did magic during this difficult time. Things move along for children of Lahore, you all have special place in my heart. History will remember you.

I thank my good friends Mr. Ahsan Baig and Ikram Baig who I know for last so many years and who have been convincing me to come to Pakistan and contribute in the development of Pakistan.

My special thanks to Muhammad Ali Naqvi who worked so hard and came to USA learnt about American School System to create better opportunity for the Pakistani youngsters. Ali you always amazed me. Thank you.

I thank you Mr. Khurshid Kighi who is working as administrator and provided a great suppott.

I think Miss Farah Batool will, continue to add value to this project with her knowledge.

I appreciate the support by Mr. Zeshan Architect for designing a beautiful building.