Will it pass?

Washington DC, June 11, 2022. The March for Our Lives Rally at the Washington Monument. (photo: Susan Melkisethian)

Funding for School Safety Resources

“Invests in programs to help institute safety measures in and around primary and secondary schools, support school violence prevention efforts and provide training to school personnel and students.”

Clarification of Definition of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer

“Cracks down on criminals who illegally evade licensing requirements.”

Telehealth Investments

“Invests in programs that increase access to mental and behavioral health services for youth and families in crisis via Telehealth.”

Under 21 Enhanced Review Process

“For buyers under 21 years of age, requires an investigative period to review juvenile and mental health records, including checks with state databases and local law enforcement.”

Penalties for Straw Purchasing

“Cracks down on criminals who illegally straw purchase and traffic guns.”