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Terror Strikes In Lahore, Pakistan

by Dr. Kazmir
04/05/2017 05:03 pm ET | Updated Apr 06, 2017

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Yesterday, I wrote about St Petersberg, Russia.

Todat, it is Lahore, Pakistan, where at least six people were killed and 18 more were wounded.

The carnage was the result of a suicide bomber for whom the Taliban has taken credit. This was another in a series of attacks since the New Year that have plagued Pakistan.

These continued acts of terrorism around the globe sicken me to my very core.

And obviously, anybody who knows me is well aware that this attack was deeply personal for me.

No, I did not know anybody who was killed or injured. But Lahore is the city where I was born and raised and there are still people I care about deeply there.

Needless to say, I have a vested interest in the area.

But as a citizen of the world, I have a vested interest in the safety and security of everybody everywhere.

Listen, I completely understand the concept of blowback – the idea that when a government harms people in other countries it will produce people wanting to retaliate – but these kinds of terrorist attacks are just completely beyond the pale.

Unfortunately, we live in a world now where even talking about this makes you intolerant to some people.

Most Muslims are peaceful and wonderful people. However, the extremists who are committing these atrocities in the name of religion are neither peaceful nor wonderful. They are horrific barbarians who attempt to pervert a religion so they can use it to justify their actions.

This is why it is important to differentiate between the extremists and everybody else, and why international terror groups and their cells must be destroyed.

Of course, we must be careful in how we do this. We cannot and should not get ourselves into another war from which we cannot extricate ourselves.

And as I said yesterday, we must work together with other countries on this. Even countries whose leadership and policies may make us uneasy.

This is not a battle we chose, but it is one we must continue to fight and win.

The entire future of the world depends on it.

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