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Moore Must Go. Franken Must Go. And The Partisan Excuses Need To Stop.

by Dr. Kazmir

Moore Must Go. Franken Must Go. And The Partisan Excuses Need To Stop.

11/16/2017 05:55 pm ET

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The other day I ripped apart Roy Moore and said he didn’t belong anywhere near the U.S. Senate. But after reading Leeann Tweeden’s story, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Moore would feel right at home.

In case you missed it, Tweeden told a story about Franken kissing her against her will and groping her breasts while she was passed out sleeping. Some have labeled it as an accusation, except it isn’t an accusation, because Tweeden posted an actual photograph of Franken committing the groping.

Franken has now come out and said he welcomes an ethics investigation. Ok, but what exactly is the investigation supposed to turn up? The evidence is literally a photograph of Franken groping Tweeden. The whole thing seems to be the epitome of an open and shut case.

Democrats are hemming and hawing about this but CNN’s Amanda Carpenter said it best when she told Jake Tapper that this cannot be a partisan issue. Whether it is Roy Moore on the left or Al Franken on the right, they need to go, period. Because if we protect one due to ideology, then there is no moral standing to go after the other whose ideology you don’t agree with.

At the core of this, though, is the fact that these were powerful men who thought they could get away with these things. Moore continues to deny what he did while Franken has no such luxury due to the existence of photographic evidence. But either way, how sickening is it that these men did this and it seemed to not even be a thought in their heads. CNN even uncovered tape from a few years ago of Franken mentioning doing a skit with Tweeden. Somehow the part about violating her never came up.

I suppose in some circles I would be considered a powerful man. I am CEO of two companies and sit on several boards. I will also admit that I love beautiful women. But not once has it ever crossed my mind to do the kinds of things these men have done.

Maybe it is because I have three daughters and if anybody did this to them, I would want to run them down with my car. Maybe it is because that’s just the way I am wired. I don’t pretend to be perfect morally, but I can say with absolute certainty that I am definitely better than this.

Moore needs to go. He won’t drop out, but he should. Hopefully the voters don’t reward him and the women he tormented haunt his dreams for years to come.

Franken needs to go. He won’t be tossed out of the senate, but he should be.

Hopefully Leeann Tweeden and all of Moore’s victims find some semblance of peace someday. And I wish I had something more to offer them than my sincerest condolences for how they were treated.

But if we don’t get our act together as a society and punish this type of behavior with more than a slap on the wrist – which is what the “ethics investigation” will amount to – then we are going to see more and more of this and it is never going to get better.

And as a father of three daughters, I pray that’s not how this all plays out.

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