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by Dr. Kazmir

Guatemala is a country battling problems as wide-ranging as drug trafficking, corruption, and general lawlessness.

But thankfully, the man running the government there is fighting to do everything he can to right the wrongs that must be righted.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales is a strong ally of the United States and a friend to Israel as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting Morales and he was an absolute delight.

We talked about how Guatemala, the United States, and Israel can all help each other and he sincerely seemed eager to do everything in his power to make that happen.

For starters, under Morales, Guatemala — just like the United States — moved their embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And on the terrorism front, over the past two years Guatemalan intelligence has detained nearly 50 people traveling on false documents on suspicion of being affiliated with ISIS.

Drugs are arguably the nation’s biggest problem, one that can filter into the United States when the cartels get their product out of Guatemala and into our country.

But under President Morales, Guatemala has made major strides in stifling drug trafficking, with cocaine seizures roughly doubling and overall seizures of illegal drugs nearly tripling since he took power.
Central America is a major hub for cocaine traffickers, so the more President Morales and the Guatemalan authorities strangle the boats and planes attempting to move product, the easier and safer things become for our law enforcement and citizens.

As far as corruption goes, President Morales is making tremendous progress there, too.

He has made it one of his central missions to eliminate corruption, and to prove it, used a tax collection mechanism to bring millions of dollars in taxes into the government that had previously been hidden by bad actors.
Violence is on the decline as well, with the murder rate in Guatemala at a near-decade low and gangs on the run from a police force that now has the green light to put a stop to unlawful reigns of terror.

Speaking of gangs, we have heard a lot about the Nicaraguan gang MS-13 causing problems in their home country and illegally coming into the United States to do the same.

Under President Morales, not only are gangs being systematically taken apart, but gang members and others are being made well aware of the dangers and immoral nature of attempting to illegally enter the United States.

Jimmy Morales is a president we can — and should — back strongly, as he has proven time after time that he is both a blessing to his people and a tremendous help to western democracies like Israel and the United States.
I implore President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu to work very closely with Morales going forward, so we can continue to set all of these great countries on the right path forward.

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