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by Dr. Kazmir

Florida Governor Rick Scott has announced this morning that Hurricane Michael has arrived, and it is not safe to travel across the Panhandle.

“If you are in a coastal area do not leave your house,” the governor said.
Hurricane “Michael” is expected to sweeping through Florida, likely resulting in numerous injuries and casualties throughout the sunshine state.

The governor surely has his hands full and I am praying for both him and those around him.

I am also, it should go without saying, praying for everybody in Florida who in any way ends up being affected by the devastation of the ensuing hurricane.

I have already seen a number of high profile people attempting to make political hay out of this, trying to tie this into climate change policies and even criticizing Florida’s governor for not doing enough on that front.

I cannot believe I even have to say this, but people are in serious danger.
This is no time to get needlessly political.

President Trump will be in contact with the governor involved and they will handle everything the best they can.

Instead of using this as another opportunity to try and bash political opponents, I’d suggest your energy would be better spent sending positive energy towards those affected and donating money to help them repair the eventual wreckage.

Now is no time for politics and I really wish more people saw how obvious that is.

Godspeed to those caught in Michael’s wrath.

I’ll be praying for you and I hope everybody else is, too.

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