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Condolences To The Victims Of Terrorism In Russia And A Reminder That Eradicating Terrorism Is A Global Goal

by Dr. Kazmir
04/04/2017 05:06 pm ET | Updated Apr 05, 2017

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Fourteen people were killed in St. Petersburg, Russia Monday when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb at a train stop. My heart goes out to the victims of that tragedy and the people of Russia.

We know the suicide bomber was a 22-year-old who was originally from Kyrgyzstan. Why he did it or at whose behest is still unknown, though it does seem likely to be related to a terror group of some sort.

It is possible ISIS was involved. But even if they were not, terrorism is terrorism and it needs to be stamped out everywhere it is found.

The battle with extremists has been a major problem all over the world and countries are going to have to give each other cooperation if these extremists are going to be defeated.

Even countries who may not like each other will have to cooperate.

This is why for all the hand-wringing Democrats are doing about President Trump supposedly being too friendly with Russia and Vladimir Putin, attempting to have at least a somewhat cordial relationship with them is not necessarily bad.

Let’s start with the obligatory disclaimer: Vladimir Putin is not a good man. He is incredibly dangerous, has committed horrible acts against journalists (and others), and he is certainly not somebody with whom we should invest much trust.

However, I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly eager to antagonize a country with nuclear weapons.

In addition, we also happen to have some common enemies, specifically ISIS and Al Qaeda. If Putin is going to help us with that fight – even if his motives are not pure – then that is a benefit to our national interest.

And that is the best strategy for eradicating the terrorists who wish to do us harm: cooperation. If we needlessly bomb and nation-build, we create more enemies. If we work with others to systematically target the actual perpetrators rather than innocent bystanders, we accomplish the dual goal of keeping our own country safe while ridding the world of these truly evil monsters who wish so badly to destroy us.

Again, this does not mean that Putin is our best pal or that we should become full-blown allies. But strategic situational alliances can be helpful, even if it involves occasionally collaborating with a tyrant like Putin.

The battle against terrorism worldwide is neither pleasant nor easy. But it must be destroyed at all costs.

Even if it will take help from some bad people to make it happen.

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