Remember when I said promoting violence in the name of shutting down ideas you disagree with was a bad idea?

Well, we saw a real life example of this phenomenon occur at a comedy club in New York City last week, and it was not pretty.

In case you missed it, Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith, and Jay Oakerson were doing a live edition of their popular “Legion of Skanks” podcast.

In the middle of the show, a man appeared out of the audience and took the mic out of a surprised Gomez’s hand, and quickly used it to point out that a “Proud Boy” was sitting in the crowd and the show was for white supremacists.

If you are unaware of what a “Proud Boy” is, they are a group of men who hang out with Comedian Gavin McIness and well, I will be honest, I am not entirely sure what they actually do.

But the far left has — incorrectly — tagged McIness as a white supremacist, so hence this heckler branding the show as such.

Gomez quickly leapt up out of his chair, grabbed the mic back, threatened to put his foot up the guy’s ass, and then had to be restrained from putting a beating on him.

They don’t call Mr. Gomez the “Puerto Rican Rattlesnake” and “Real Ass Dude” for nothing.

Yet, this heckler seemed surprised that after an act of aggression against Gomez, that the fiery comedian would look to retaliate.

Clearly he did not now who he was dealing with.

All of that said — and putting aside the sheer lunacy of believing a white supremacist show was being led by two Jewish men and a Puerto Rican — what exactly did this heckler expect to accomplish by doing what he did?

Did he think the crowd would take his side? Did he expect the podcast to stop and for Gomez, Smith, and Oakerson to just pack up and go home because he was offended?

Furthermore, does he actually believe it is acceptable to shut down any and all speech he is uncomfortable hearing rather than just walking out?

Sadly, the answer to that question is obviously yes, and he is not alone.

We are seeing this all over the country to the point where people are being chased out of restaurants.

And in the case of the Legion of Skanks, they were recording a podcast at a comedy club late at night and EVEN THEN they could not be left alone to do their show without some self-righteous jerk showing up to spoil it in the name of being offended.

We are getting to the point where this is just going to get worse and people are going to get hurt.

But maybe not the people you think.

Because for every romantic vision of using force to shut down so-called offensive speech, those on that end of the issue should remember that there are a lot more Luis J Gomez types — people who are going to fight back and likely win — than they realize.

And the people who could very well end up being hurt the most are the aggressors themselves.


1_XSk7pT0rtg_UymaCU8ahzwI have to hand it to all the people who passed around the “story” that Russian hackers targeted the Hillary Clinton campaign after then candidate Trump sarcastically asked for them to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

They story was powerful and seemed to show that perhaps there was some sort of coordination in play.

It spread through social media like wildfire, with all the usual “Resistance” types losing their minds as if they had caught the president committing murder.

But also reputable journalists like CNN’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Katy Tur.

Except it was the story was not true.

According to the actual report in question, the Russians targeted Hillary Clinton for hacking that April, months before President Trump’s comment about wanting the Russians to find Clinton’s deleted emails.

Once this started being pointed out, people started to backtrack and make qualifying statements like “well, the president did still encourage them and they may have intensified their efforts after his comments.”

But that is not even close to the story being passed around or why it was shared.

It was shared in an attempt to make President Trump look like he was colluding with Russia, only for us to find out once again that as of this moment, there is zero proof of that occurring.

Unfortunately, we have seen many similar cases during the Trump presidency.

For example, the recent story about the Trump administration’s new program of abusing children based on a story from…..2014 when Barack Obama was president.

Last year, a story circulated that Orrin Hatch had said on the Senate floor that CHIP — the health insurance program for low income children — needed to go because he was tired of funding programs for people who refused to help themselves.

Except as even Ezra Klein of Vox — who is no fan of Republicans — pointed out, Hatch was not talking about CHIP when he made those comments and even said he would see to it that CHIP got funded.

But do not tell that to all the people who made fun of Hatch for disparaging “free loading” children.

There are many more recent examples of this, but you get the point.

I understand we are in an age of social media where everything happens fast. But when you incidents like this happen — repeatedly — it becomes quite obvious what is really going on.

As I said, the social media age has certainly made things worse. In the old days, a news story would not be instant because you were waiting to air it on the 6PM news, or if you were a newspaper, get it into tomorrow’s edition.

But now? Gotta get it out there first and worry about accuracy later. Nuance and thorough checking be damned.

Put simply, people need to be better than this. Incidents like this are what give the president ammo to shout “fake news.”

These kind of major mistakes actively keep that from happening.

We are officially in the Jerry Springer era now, where nothing matters except outrage. Accuracy does is irrelevant if a story involves pushing your preferred narrative.

In this case, President Trump probably should not have openly joked that he wanted the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s emails, but by pretending the timeline of events is different than it actually was just to drive a narrative you hope is true, any point you may have had gets completely lost.

As I said, Jerry Springer would be proud.

The fact is, the Mueller investigation has been going on for well over a year and while there have been indictments for unrelated matters, there has been exactly zero collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign proven.

This whole investigation has turned into something completely different than what it was claimed to be at the beginning, and the #Resistance is simply using it as a way to claim the president cheated to win — something there is no evidence of — because they still cannot handle the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton fair and square.

And key members of the media playing into that hysteria while seeming to care more about clicks than careful reporting makes things worse for everybody involved, including them.

Unless media members think spreading news around that is not true and hurting their credibility just to get the “scoop” is more important than maintaining long-term trust with the public.

Because if they do, then they should just go on doing what they are doing and expose themselves as frauds even further.


Elections are going to occur in Pakistan in just over one week. I hope that whatever the result, the losing party accepts it and is willing to work with the winning side to mae positive improvements in the country.

Infrastructure developments and improvements in transportation are key components of improving the daily lives of the people in Pakistan and I hope they will be carried out, no matter who wins.

Of course, the single most important factor is the Pakistani military.

Despite suffering losses during the war on terror helping the United States, and recent suicide bombings that shook the nation, the Pakistani military is the best it has ever been.

The success that may lay ahead for Pakistan under the leadership of General Qamar Javed Bajwa is likely to be remarkable if the past is any indication.

His continued leadership is also an incredible boost to future relations between Pakistan and the United States, as General Bajwa has done a fantastic job of commanding his men through successful missions assisting in the War on Terror..

Pakistan is currently far too reliant on China economically and that is a recipe for disaster, especially when you consider how over-extended China is in the world market.

Thus, for Pakistan, a strong alliance with the United States could result in a major economic boon.

And from the United States’ side, this is an association that could yield positive outcomes as well.

Not only would a strong U.S.-Pakistan alliance open up numerous economic development opportunities for American companies, it would also provide the United States with an incredibly important friend in the region during a time when Iran looks to be on the verge of carrying out nefarious activities.

This is why as much as I generally do not think foreign aid is a good idea, I believe it would actually be in the United States’ best interest to strongly reconsider the idea of pulling its aid to Pakistan.

I consider myself a strong supporter of the president and his policies, and admire his business knowledge, which makes him the perfect partner for Pakistan, especially with General Bajwa on board to continue providing strong support against extremist groups like ISIS.

I would love to see the President as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale and U.S. Consul General to Lahore Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau — who are great diplomats — work closely with Pakistani officials to lift both countries.

Regardless, Pakistani teamwork with the United States would be beneficial for both sides and the right leaders being in control of their respective situations could yield remarkably positive results all around.

With General Bajwa already in place, I have faith in the Pakistani people to make the right choice at the end of the month and for everybody to come together in the aftermath to work in the best interest of the nation and its citizens.



I write about politics and personal stories a lot, but today I want to tell you about somebody who makes an enormous positive impact in the world.

Dr. Amir Hamidi serves as Chairman of the Board of Falcon Global Strategies, where he specializes in cyber-security, the application of information sharing and information security solutions for government agencies and law enforcement professionals.

He is a seasoned international strategist and public policy advisor who has been engaged by financial and government institutions domestically and internationally and is widely regarded as a visionary on the strategic impacts of information.

Dr. Hamidi has shown a propensity for demonstrating the better use of technology, stability and economic prosperity, not to mention an internationally recognized expert in international narco-terrorism and a graduate of the DEA/FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

He is a highly decorated veteran DEA Special Agent and over the course of his distinguished 24 years with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and 34 year career of law enforcement service, with an incredible history of uncovering the shocking links between narcotics trafficking and terrorism.

The doctor’s fantastic undercover work includes purchasing eight balls of cocaine in a yellow Porsche; negotiating multi-million-dollar deals on board private Jets and developed covert relations with men who were not only international drug traffickers but, in some cases, operatives for Al Qaeda, Iranian Hezbollah, Hamas, the Shan United Army and Kurdish terrorist organizations.

In addition, he was formerly assigned as a Resident Special Agent in Charge and has been tasked by the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, office of the Administrator to establish Dubai, United Arab Emirates Country Office, serving as Country Attaché at the United States Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As if that were not enough, Dr. Hamidi was also previously assigned as an Inspector to the Office of Professional Responsibility, Pacific Region Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Coordinator and Supervisory Special Agent for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Transportation Task Force Commander.

He has always pursued domestic and international drug traffickers at the highest levels while managing and directing criminal investigations and supporting the prosecution of a broad range of both domestic and international crimes with the majority of his experience primarily involving the investigation of complex criminal unilateral U.S. and bilateral international investigations.

Dr. Hamidi speaks six different languages and has held national security clearance, previously serving as Vice-Chair, Scientific Advisory Board of Veteran, Immigrant and Refugee Trauma Institute of Sacramento, California, an organization intended to develop into a center of expertise in global trauma, post traumatic growth and psychological integration.

Dr. Hamidi also co-authored, “Neuro-Psychological of Misconduct in Law Enforcement Officer with Sub-Clinical Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” and was appointed to the advisory board for the Center of Intelligence Studies at Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Additionally, he is considered an expert on Middle Eastern affairs and devotes his time and expertise to raising awareness about the brutality and human rights violations committed by the Iranian Regime.

Many of us in life talk the talk, but Dr. Hamidi walks the walk and truly makes the world a better place.


**By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D.**

Pakistan army, the eleventh leading military laden with nukes has had been a great source of undergird in serving global interests towards restoring peace and stability. It played a key role in defeating the expansion of communism of the former Soviet Union. The terrorist organizations, such as the Al Qaeda and Taliban proliferations in the Middle East was foiled through the active efforts of the Pakistani military.

Had there been a missing support from the Pakistani military, the Soviet Union’s communist expansionism would have seized the entire Middle East, and the United States hegemony could have been obliterated by now. Ms. Joanne King Herring and Congressman Charlie Wilson were justified in advising the Reagan administration to engage Pakistan in the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Ms. Herring and Congressman Wilson created an alliance with CIA operative Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymor Hoffman) launching a successful clandestine operation backing up the Mujahedeen in dismantling the Soviet empire.
The then President of Pakistan, General Zia ul Haq, a trusted Pakistani leader honored the advises of Ms. Herring during engagements in Afghanistan.
History was made.

Going further back into the history, the Black September of 1970 in Arab history was a month when the Kingdom of Hashmiah of King Hussein of Jordan quashed the autonomy of the Palestinian organizations, while restoring monarchy’s rule over the country. It resulted in violence, and the deaths of tens of thousands of people of Palestinian origin. This violent conflict lasted until July 1971, and the PLO and thousands of Palestinian fighters were sent to Lebanon.

King Hussain declared Martial Law on September 15, 1971. The next day, Jordanian tanks of the 60th Armored Brigade attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organization in Amman, and their camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh, Baq’aa, Wehdat and Zarqa. The then, Pakistani Brigadier Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who later became the Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan, took command of the 2nd division, whereas, the Iraqi army in Jordan also supported the Jordanian army.

Pakistan and Israel are ideological states adherent to a traditional doctrine of Abraham, common among the faithful of the three great monotheistic religions. Taking out Judaism from Israel is like taking out Islam from Pakistan, the state will collapse. General Zia had a practical vision in resolving Middle Eastern peace process when he surprised many observers in 1986 calling the PLO to recognize the Jewish state.

General Zia of Pakistan played the pivotal role under advice from Congressman Charlie Wilson and Ms. Joanne Herring in dismantling the Soviet Union. He had the experience of capturing Soviet weapons from the PLO in Jordan, and Wilson successfully convinced the CIA to buy the Soviet weapons from Israelis captured by them from Lebanon and pass it to Afghans through Zia. However, a pragmatist Zia joked not to put Star of David on the boxes.

In the current hybrid warfare with the rogue states, Pakistani military has a role to play vital to regional interest. Though, there are indicators that Iranian interest may have penetrated into the Pakistani instruments of the statecraft bringing policies detrimental to democracy, liberty, rule of law, forbearance and tolerance. Yet, engagements with the military is vital to regional peace.

Pakistan is facing a countrywide election by the end of this month, and an eagle’s eye is needed to avert the influence of rogue states to use Pakistan as a hot spot to forestall defeat in Syria and Yemen. Defeating Pakistan’s ideological boundaries may collapse the entire foundation of the country. Such options are detrimental to the security of Pakistan, GCC, Israel and the United States.

*** Dr. Gholam Mujtaba has had a long career in politics across America and Pakistan. Currently, a Central Leader to the Republican Party of the United States of America and Chairman of Pakistani Policy Institute, USA, he is an expert on conflict management and Pakistani leadership. He holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate in Medicine. Recipient of the United States Congressional Recognition Award in 2015, Dr. Mujtaba has previously held such highly regarded positions as the Central Vice President of the All Pakistan Muslim League and an Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh, a cabinet position in Pakistan.