Senator Marco Rubio is salty at Salt Bae.

In case you have no idea what that means, Salt Bae is a chef famous on social media.

Senator Rubio got upset because the social media star made a fancy dinner for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while Maduro’s constituents in Venezuela are starving.

Rubio then decided to take to social media and dox Salt Bae — meaning he gave away the location and phone number of the restaurant the social media star owns where he was hosting Maduro — a move that has been roundly criticized by both the left and right.

Let me first say this: I think Salt Bae hosting Maduro and calling it the experience of a lifetime is sickening.

Maduro is a monstrous dictator who feasts while the people in his country suffer at an unthinkable level.

That said, a United States Senator posting that information on social media and essentially egging his followers on to call or otherwise bother Salt Bae is a bridge way too far.

I presume Rubio did not like it when his colleague Mitch McConnell and others were publicly harassed by zealous left-wing activists, even when they were just trying to do simple things like have dinner at a restaurant.

What Rubio did here was no different, and being that he is a sitting United States Senator rather than some no-name activist, he should be ashamed of himself and really ought to know better.

Don’t get me wrong, from a political standpoint, I get it.

Senator Rubio represents a growing number of former Venezuelans who despise Maduro so much that many of them would probably prefer it is the United States intervened in Venezuela.

And I certainly sympathize with their anger, because Maduro’s actions in Venezuela have been unconscionable.

However, what Rubio did was not only wrong, it was dangerous.

The issue of Venezuela is a hot button topic right now and riling millions of people up like this on social media is the type of action that can have very nasty consequences.

I am not saying somebody who read that tweet could get violent, but I am saying these are the kind of tweets that are the most likely ones to lead to something like that.

Senator Rubio has every right to be disgusted with Salt Bae, and so does everybody else.

But the action the Senator took in response should never have happened.

It was a mistake, and I truly hope he realizes it, deletes the tweet, apologizes, and never does anything like it again.

The current climate is polarized enough.

We do not need Senator Rubio muddying the waters even further.


I hate to break it to some people who just do not want to accept reality, but Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

In the aftermath, Clinton has managed to blame the following for her defeat: Russians, Wikileaks, the FBI, Macedonian teenagers, Facebook, racism, sexism, husbands forcing their wives to vote how they want them to, etc…..

You may notice how you do not see the name Hillary Clinton on that list, but I digress.

Recently, Clinton made push to blame the electoral college, because as you may have heard by now, she won the popular vote but Donald Trump won the electoral college and thus won the presidency.

For those still harping on this, let’s state the obvious: the rules and parameters of the election were known well ahead of time.

It was not a secret that the electoral votes of states get a president elected, not the overall popular vote.

I am also 100% positive we would not be hearing about this from Clinton or any of her supporters if she had won in the exact same way President Trump did, but I digress again.

The electoral college gives a voice to the minority, or in other words, ensures that people in all 50 states have to be reckoned with and their concerns listened to, rather than this happening in just a few elite areas.

The founders wanted states to be laboratories of democracy, and to have different identities.

The electoral college system preserves that.

I have heard that argument that currently, all that matters are a handful of swing states since most states are solidly red or blue.

There is some truth to that.

However, the problem is, if you abolish the electoral college system, then all you have to do is win a few populous cities and you can ignore the rest of the country.

That is the exact opposite of how our country is supposed to operate.

Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Chicago were never meant to be the only places worth campaigning and the only real arbiters of who occupies the White House.

Of course, those are all major Democrat strongholds now, so you can see why Hillary Clinton and her supporters would love it if those cities controlled every presidential election from here on out.

We hear the left talk about disenfranchisement all the time, but that is exactly what we would be doing to the middle of the country if we were to abolish the electoral college.

We would be taking away any voice they had and ensuring everything was decided by a few elite cities.

Exactly what the system was designed to protect against.

But then again, Hillary Clinton does not care about any of that.

All Clinton cares about is grabbing power for herself and those around her, so it is not a mystery why she would be in favor of this.

And it is exactly why we should not let it happen.


In the wake of the scandals at Fox — especially the ones involving longtime CEO Roger Ailes and 8PM host Bill O’Reilly — there were a lot of questions as to how the network would do going forward.

Some thought Fox was in dire straits, and short of a miracle worker coming in to take over for Ailes, the network could face a steep decline.

But then that miracle worker arrived in the form of somebody who had been there all along.

Suzanne Scott joined Fox News back at the very beginning 22 years ago.

Since then, she rose all the way up to head of programming where she was the driving force behind many key decisions, including putting both Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham in primetime, two moves that have proven to be very shrewd.

The move to promote Scott occurred earlier this year and has paid dividends ever since.

If you think about it, her success, while surprising on one level considering the scandals she inherited, is also to be expected in some ways given her history and knowledge of the company.

Think about it: Who knows the on-air personalities better than the woman who was so instrumental in giving them their shows and helping to shape said shows?

And who knows the Fox News audience better than the woman who was primarily responsible for catering to their needs for such a long period of time?

While I have not had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Scott personally, I do travel in a lot of the same circles and have heard great things about how intelligent and savvy she is.

Another point of pride: Mrs. Scott is a fellow New Jersey resident and actually lives in Morristown, one of my favorite places in the state and somewhere I travel to often since I am an active member of the Morristown Club.

Hopefully I cross paths with Mrs. Scott soon so I can let her know what a fine job I think she is doing and what an inspiration she is to young women everywhere.

My three daughters are all successful professionals and all three look up to women like Mrs. Scott who set a terrific example for the type of accomplishments an ambitious woman should strive for in whatever her chosen field is.

Even more so than my daughters, though, women in broadcasting have somebody they can look to as a measuring stick for achievement in the industry and a person they can admire and attempt to emulate.

After 22 years of playing a key role shaping a tremendously successful network, she looks to have many years of continuing her trailblazing work ahead of her.

I am thrilled for her and excited to watch what she will do in the decade ahead in the professional position she seems to have been destined to fill and succeed in.


A devastating Hurricane known as “Florence” is in the process of sweeping through the Carolinas, resulting in numerous injuries and casualties, with a reported 12 dead from early estimates in North Carolina alone.

The governors of North and South Carolina surely have their hands full and I am praying for both of them.

I am also, it should go without saying, praying for everybody caught up in this hurricane.

I have already seen a number of high profile people already attempting to make political hay out of this involving President Trump’s response with some criticizing him heavily for not appearing to care enough.

I cannot believe I even have to say this, but people are in serious danger.

This is no time to get needlessly political.

President Trump will be in contact with the governors involved and they will handle everything the best they can.

Instead of using this as another opportunity to try and bash the president, I’d suggest your energy would be better spent sending positive energy towards those affected and donating money to help them repair the eventual wreckage.

Now is no time for politics and I really wish more people saw how obvious that is.

Godspeed to those caught in Florence’s wrath.

I’ll be praying for you and I hope everybody else is, too.


I have to hand it to all the people who passed around the “story” that over $50,000 was spent on curtains for the office of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.

The story was powerful and seemed to show an example of one of the worst kinds of abuse of unnecessary expenditures for a public servant on the taxpayer’s dime.

The story was initially reported by the New York Times and spread through social media like wildfire, with all the usual “Resistance” types losing their minds as if they had caught a murderer in the act of killing one of his victims.

But also numerous reputable and well-known journalists jumped in on social media to help spread the outrage.

Only problem is, the story was not true.

According to the actual report in question, these curtains were decided upon in 2016, before President Trump took office and well before Nikki Haley began in her current post.

Once this started being pointed out, people started to backtrack and make excuses for the NY Times, saying that at least the Times later made a correction and this was proof they are a responsible journalistic outfit.


In their rush to jump to the NY Times’ defense, many of these mainstream journalists completely ignored the obvious, which is that the story had been reported in a certain way and passed around on social media focusing on the fraudulent point about Haley for a reason.

It was done in an attempt to make Nikki Haley — and by extension President Trump — look like corrupt bureaucrats that had fleeced the taxpayers for their own personal gain.

Unfortunately, we have seen many similar cases during the Trump presidency.

For example, the recent story about the Trump administration’s new program of abusing children based on a story from…..2014 when Barack Obama was president.

Last year, a story circulated that Orrin Hatch had said on the Senate floor that CHIP — the health insurance program for low income children — needed to go because he was tired of funding programs for people who refused to help themselves.

Except as even Ezra Klein of Vox — who is no fan of Republicans — pointed out, Hatch was not talking about CHIP when he made those comments and even said he would see to it that CHIP got funded.

But do not tell that to all the people who made fun of Hatch for disparaging “free loading” children.

There are many more recent examples of this, but you get the point.

I understand we are in an age of social media where everything happens fast.

But when incidents like this happen — repeatedly — it becomes quite obvious what is really going on.

As I said, the social media age has certainly made things worse.

In the old days, a news story would not be instant because you were waiting to air it on the 6PM news, or if you were a newspaper, get it into tomorrow’s edition.

But now? Gotta get it out there first and worry about accuracy later.

Nuance and thorough checking be damned.

Put simply, people need to be better than this.

Incidents like this are what give the president ammo to shout “fake news.”

These kind of major mistakes actively keep that from happening.

We are officially in the National Enquirer era now, where nothing matters except outrage.

Accuracy is irrelevant if a story involves pushing your preferred narrative.

In this case, the curtains were purchased for an exorbitant amount at taxpayer expense, but by pretending the timeline of events was different than it actually was just to drive a narrative they wanted to be true, all that ended up happening was the reporter, newspaper, and other prominent people who were responsible for printing and sharing the story on social media took another hit to their credibility.

Job well done. Take a bow, guys.

The fact is, anti-Trump hysteria is very real and it extends far past left-wing activist groups and active democrat party circles.

It has engulfed numerous members of the mainstream media and prominent personalities who willfully play into the hysteria while seeming to care more about clicks than careful reporting both because it drives their own numbers and because — whether they want to admit it or not — they absolutely despise President Trump.

Unless media members think spreading news around that is not true and hurting their credibility just to get the “scoop” and attempt to damage the president is more important than maintaining long-term trust with the public.

Because if that is how they feel, then they should just go on doing what they are doing and expose themselves as frauds even further.