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Brazille Shows DNC Dysfuncion, But Washington As A Whole May Be Broken

by Dr. Kazmir

Brazille Shows DNC Dysfuncion, But Washington As A Whole May Be Broken

11/02/2017 05:57 pm ET

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Former DNC Chair Donna Brazille has released an excerpt from her book about the 2016 campaign and to say it has people talking would be the understatement of the century.

The crux of what Brazille’s excerpt revealed is that President Obama left the DNC in shambles and Hillary Clinton’s campaign used that as an opportunity to give the party some financial assistance with the price being that the Clinton campaign would more or less have complete control over the DNC for a full year before Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

This led to the entire party apparatus being skewed in Hillary Clinton’s favor, essentially rigging the system against Bernie Sanders, a claim many of his supporters had been laughed at for making.

The fact that this was happening isn’t all that shocking to most who are “in the know.”

What was stunning, however, was just how clearly and concisely Brazille spelled out the details.

It is one thing to have strong suspicions, but it is another to have all of those worst suspicions confirmed in such a concrete manner.

Of course, Brazille writing about this is informative, but I would be remiss if I didn’t stop to chuckle at what a dishonest actor she is being. Let’s not forget that the Wikileaks dumps not only revealed Brazille’s contempt for the Sanders campaign, but also that the former Chair was a willing participant in stacking the deck in favor of Clinton.

In fact, CNN even fired Brazille due to the revelation that she had been feeding questions for televised debates to the Clinton camp ahead of time.

In addition to confirming our worst suspicions about collusion between the Clinton camp and the DNC, what these revelations show is an utter lack of care for anything other than personal power.

President Obama cared so much about his party and his ideals that he did precisely zero to help raise money for Democrats who needed it if they were going to join him in Washington to help his cause.

Hillary Clinton took it a step further, ensuring that – according to Brazille – less than half of one percent went to state and local races that the Democrats needed to win.

Again, we’ve become accustomed to politicians being lying, conniving, greedy, power mad creatures, but it is still disturbing when the light gets shone directly on that phenomenon this way.

If Brazille’s excerpt showed us anything, it is that the Democrats are in shambles and have been for quite some time.

The Republicans, who spent an entire year fighting to stop the candidate that eventually won their nomination and now can’t seem to get much passed even with a majority in both houses, are not looking much better, if at all.

Regardless of party, none of this is a good look for our political system.

If these two parties can even figure out how to run their own internal operations, then how are we supposed to trust them to govern?

I guess we aren’t. And really, maybe that’s the real lesson from all of this.

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